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my names ben and ive been in love with bikes my whole life. it started with my first minibike when i was 5. i got my first street bike, an 81 gn400 with a fence post for an exaust, when i was 15 and built my first chopper when i was 16. i love building and riding bikes and i will till the day i die.

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    Dear Slayer63, I greet you kindly. I hope you do build a fast chopper, just to know you got a mean monster is very nice. You do not need to drive fast, but all shall look at it and theysound great. Just be carefull. Most my friends are no more, anbd most because of stupid road users that respect not the bikers. So, you just be carefull
    Kind regards. I give you a Kudo for your attempt to do something diffirent. Follow your heart.
    Kind regards leon


    Reply from Slayer63:

    Thank you for your concern. While I am young and inexperienced (and occasionally reckless) I do appreciate the danger of a fast bike and irresponsible motorists. I have seen a few friends go down in the past and its never a pretty sight. Ill always keep your words in mind while on the road.
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    check this out
    panzer bike
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    Dear Slayer, You shall be happy here on this Honda Chopper.Com Website. The Gentlemen and even ladies is like family, you take my word for that.
    Fill in nicely your Page, then you see what happen. All say hallo. I shall call you Ben now.
    Kind regards from Leon in South Africa, (Wild Coast) on Eastern Coast.
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    welcome tot he site or madness, you choose....oh and take a minute to fill out your bio, thanks


    Reply from Slayer63:

    thanks for the welcome man.